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Most Popular Earring Trends To Be Followed In 2019

Most Popular Earring Trends To Be Followed In 2019

The prime objective behind wearing an earring with a dress is to make you look complete. Perhaps the significance of earrings stands so vital in an outfit that it is enough to escalate your look within a second. Nowadays, the current trend culminates the need of wearing heavy neckpieces, just a stylish earring is enough to uphold a classy feel in you. Wear an extraordinary look and take your favorite attire to a whole new level with just an addition of an exclusive earring.

This New Year seems fortunate as it welcomes loud, bold, colorful and statement-making earring trends, keeping aside the casual and everyday look that has been ruling the market for a couple of years. If you closely judge the trend, you can easily find out the influence of 90’s trend, thanks to renowned designers who brought forward various unique styles. The exclusivity of the current trend is to focus on being simple yet putting on big bright accessories that is sure to catch your attention instantly. Neckpieces beautifully designed with chains and pearls, heavy hoops like earrings with bright colored feathers and sweet charm bracelets remains the ultimate market trend of 2019.

However, for a better idea, we have wrapped out 5 most popular earring trends of 2019. Let’s have a look.

  1. 1. Seashell-shaped earring:

Michael Kors to set the theme, seashell-shaped earrings are no doubt the most popular following trend, this year. Recent fashion shows witnessed beautiful models wrapped in accessories, glittering shell-shaped rings that added a unique touch to the attire. Some of these shell-shaped earrings are also bordered with pearls that lend it a classy finish. The best part of these earrings remains that it goes with any western outfit. Pair it with any of your favorite dress, you will surely not require any other accessories to complete your look.

  1. Heavy hoops:

The craze for hoops is everlasting. Wore by numerous models in the 90s, this year the unexpected demand of hoops, mostly bulkier shaped one, happens to create a whole new fashion trend. This earring style is sure to make you wear a more relevant and bright look, a perfect suit for your face (making the face look complete) and a kind of accessory that goes with any western dress.

  1. Logo earrings:

If you are of a view that logo trends have come to an end, it isn’t the reality! Rather logo trend just got evolved in the world of jewelry. These name dropping earrings are rare and unusual, wraps you up in a completely different look. It is not always necessary to have a single syllable in one ear, multiple syllable earrings are also seen. Pair it with any dress form, you are sure to stand out in the crowd. You can easily buy these fashion earrings online.

  1. Ear cuffs:

This unique addition to your attire is sure to spice up your entire outfit, lift your appearance to a whole new level. No matter what you wear, these small ear cuffs revamp your entire personality. Ear cuffs are always not designed small in size. There are various designs that include bigger cuffs making you more attractive in the public.

  1. Crescent moon hoops earrings:

Crescent moon hoops earrings experienced an unexpected demand, this New Year. These earrings are often adorned with pearls. The shape provides you with a smart look and can be paired with any western dress.


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